3RP Egypt


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3RP Egypt

December 17, 2014

As of late 2014 Egypt was host to 140,000 Syrian refugees and had incurred costs of around US$ 115 million in additional food and energy subsidies, adding to public spending and debt pressures. Cuts in subsidies have diminished household purchasing power and are likely to push more vulnerable refugees and other impacted community members into poverty.

The 3RP - Country Plan for The Arab Republic of Egypt aims to strengthen protection and support for Syrian refugees and host communities. To address the needs of refugees and the most vulnerable from impacted communities, targeted assistance will be focused in the areas of food, health, education, livelihood and basic needs, along with interventions to enhance the outreach to the community and strengthen service delivery systems in the most impacted governorates (e.g. Giza, Greater Cairo, Alexandria and Qalyubia)