US$9 Million Committed by the Netherlands to Support UNDP’s Efforts to Promote Safety and Justice in Yemen

October 26, 2021

Amman, Jordan:
The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) welcomes the generous US$9 million contribution of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands to promote safety and justice in Yemen.

The violent conflict in Yemen has resulted in the collapse of several public institutions, including the Rule of Law, forcing Yemenis to rely on dysfunctional services, damaged or destroyed infrastructure, limited equipment, and reduced human resource capacities. Compounded by a lack of inclusiveness in decision making and increasing corruption, the ability of the Yemeni population to live in safety and security, with access to effective justice, has become difficult.

The funding will help establish a new three-year project, Promoting Inclusive Access to Justice in Yemen (PIAJ), that aims to strengthen the resilience of institutions and communities, and to maintain a foundation for recovery and reconstruction. It will be Implemented in the four governorates of Aden, Hadramout, Hodeidah and Sana’a and has four key focus areas:  

  • Community safety and security: Addressing diverse community protection needs, including those of women and children.
  • More accessible justice: Extending services to vulnerable populations such as the poor, internally displaced, youth, and other marginalised groups.
  • Gender justice: Helping to build gender inclusive rule of law institutions with stronger women’s participation and leadership and that can deliver inclusive justice services to women and girls.
  • Detainee protection: Improving the basic conditions of detention including access to education and training as well as reintegration of detainees after release.

“Fragmented public institutions not only prevent inclusive access to justice, but the trickle-down effects of unstable Rule of Law institutions can seriously stifle Yemen’s economic, social and political recovery," says Auke Lootsma, UNDP Yemen Resident Representative. "By restoring the community’s trust in local authorities and justice services, Yemenis have more opportunity to rebuild their lives and livelihoods, provide for their families, and facilitate access to education for the next generation.”

Building on this, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Mr. Peter Derrek Hof adds, “Access to justice for all, including the most vulnerable and marginalized groups is not only a priority for the Netherlands, but is also essential for a just and inclusive peace. We are excited to strengthen our partnership with UNDP to promote people-centered justice and the rule of law in Yemen".

The PIAJ project is committed to ongoing community consultation to build-in local ownership, identify local priorities and design sustainable solutions. It also supports a strategic approach to rule of law coordination and sharing of good practices.

This agreement builds upon a previous partnership between UNDP and the Netherlands that supported safety and justice in Yemen, and reenforces the long-standing commitment of the Netherlands and UNDP to the rule of law in Yemen.


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