UNDP Yemen’s New Rapid Financing Facility Project Builds Community Resilience Against Future Crises

July 14, 2021

Photo Credits: UNDP Mauritius/2020

Hadramout, Yemen: The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has launched a new project aimed at supporting Yemen’s national recovery from COVID-19 while building the resilience of local communities to respond more effectively to the on-going pandemic and future crises.

The Rapid Financing Facility (RFF)
is designed to catalyze UNDP’s “COVID 2.0” offer - Beyond Recovery: Towards 2030 - through high-quality, high-impact initiatives in Hadramout’s Seiyun district. Working in clear alignment with the UN System’s response under the leadership of the UN Resident Coordinator, these initiatives will strengthen socioeconomic response capacities by restoring lost livelihoods and strengthening access to basic services.

With support from the Government of Italy, UNDP has designed a multi-pronged, 18-month-project that began implementation in December 2020, together with local partner, SOUL for Development. Project activities include:

  • Providing hybrid solar-powered equipment to at least two health facilities to ensure the uninterrupted provision of COVID-19 services.
  • Training almost 500 individuals in business administration and other relevant skills to help restore livelihoods lost as a result of the pandemic.
  • Distributing 145 solar-powered tuk-tuks for the establishment of micro-businesses in the transport sector. 
  • Establishing a solar-powered water desalination initiative to improve access to clean water for drinking and household hygiene.

“Small businesses have been adversely impacted by the on-going pandemic in Yemen. Compounded by six years of continued conflict and the declining value of the Yemeni Riyal, many businesses have been forced to reduce staffing or close all together,” says Auke Lootsma, UNDP Resident Representative in Yemen. “This innovative project aims to provide Yemenis with new skills and capital to establish or rebuild their businesses in key sectors – including eco-transport.”

This project is expected to benefit close to 15,000 members of the local community, including project participants and their families. The RFF aims to contribute to improved community resilience in the face of future crises, by implementing mutually reinforcing activities geared to financially and socially empower people experiencing aggravated hardship caused by COVID-19.

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