UNDP and AICTO join forces to advance digital transformation for sustainable development in the Arab States Region

May 13, 2024

Dubai – The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Arab Information and Communication Technology Organization (AICTO) signed today at the SAMENA Telecommunications Council Leaders' Summit Event in Dubai, a strategic partnership to harness digital technologies to drive sustainable development across the Arab region. The agreement outlines key areas of cooperation where UNDP and AICTO will jointly leverage their expertise and resources to pioneer sustainable development through digital innovation in the Arab region—as part of the Digital for Sustainable Development (D4SD) initiative that UNDP is pioneering with many partners in the region.

“Leveraging digital technologies can accelerate progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, while leaving no one behind," highlighted Susanne Dam-Hansen, acting Director of the UNDP Regional Hub for Arab States in Amman. "The partnership that we are formalizing with AICTO represents a significant milestone in our efforts to harness the transformative potential of digital technologies for sustainable development in the Arab States region.”

Together, both organizations will work towards ensuring digital inclusivity, particularly in underserved communities, while advocating for sustainable practices through engaging high-level stakeholders. The collaboration extends to capacity-building efforts aimed at enhancing skills and understanding related to sustainable development and digitalization. Additionally, both organizations will collaborate on the development and implementation of digital policies aligned with the D4SD initiative, while actively sharing knowledge, best practices, and research findings to foster a culture of innovation and progress. 

"I’m convinced that UNDP and AICTO, through this partnership, will better serve the need of the region towards Building an inclusive smart, secure and sustainable Arab Digital Future. Together, with the active implication of all other regional public and private stakeholders, we will be able to achieve our common goals” highlighted Mohamed Ben Amor, Director General of the Arab ICT Organization 

Through this partnership agreement, UNDP and AICTO will also collaborate on establishing standards for responsible data governance, recognizing the pivotal role data plays in digital transformation and the need for ethical and secure practices to drive sustainable development forward. The partnership represents a significant step towards building a more inclusive, resilient, and prosperous future for all.

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