New study on mainstreaming Anthropocene considerations in Iraq

November 15, 2022


Baghdad, Iraq Iraq remains one of the most fragile countries globally. Strengthening resilience and reducing vulnerabilities remains important to ensure the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals and strengthening state-society trust.  The United Nations Development Programme in Iraq (UNDP) today launches a study on mainstreaming Anthropocene considerations in fragile countries, and specifically the case of Iraq.

Building on the recently launched 2021-2022 UNDP Human Development Report, this study provides a summary of the evolution of the human security approach, presenting a set of policy recommendations for mainstreaming important Anthropocene considerations into local and national development and social cohesion policies, especially in fragile contexts, with special consideration for the case of Iraq. 

Mainstreaming Anthropocene Considerations in Local and National Policy Recommendations – The Case of Iraq recognizes that development is a political challenge that must be addressed through sustainable processes that include building coalitions for change to build Agency and promote Solidarity.  

UNDP Iraq Resident Representative Zena Ali-Ahmad states, “We are excited to launch this study today that adopts an innovative approach to mainstreaming Anthropocene considerations in local and national policies and provides recommendations for consideration in Fragile Countries such as Iraq. We hope that the findings in this report will shed light on new thinking related to fragility in Iraq and other fragile countries.”

“With the release of this study, we hope to ignite conversation and thought work surrounding the effects of human activity on the planet, and how development in fragile countries, such as Iraq, must be approached,” adds Ms. Ali-Ahmad.

“The reality of the Anthropocene is not an abstraction but, as this report shows, a very concrete reality that is shaping opportunities to expand human development across Iraq. The report shows how even in settings where fragility and recovery from violent conflict have heightened importance, the relevance of the new context of the Anthropocene is not diminished,” says Mr. Pedro Conceicao, Director of the UNDP Human Development Report Office.

“The Anthropocene is ushering in new and complex development challenges, and we are currently witnessing immediate effects across the Arab states. This study is a timely follow-up on the implications for human development, specifically in Iraq, including how we can work together towards innovative joint solutions in fragile crisis and post-conflict settings,” emphasizes Dr. Khalida Bouzar, Assistant Secretary-General and Director of the United Nations Development Programme Regional Bureau for Arab States.

UNDP’s Human Development Report 2021-2022 was released in September 2022.


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