JICA renews commitment to boost infrastructure projects for transformative development in Iraq

December 5, 2023

Al Shatra Hospital (200 bed capacity) in Dhi Qar Governorate - (Health Sector Reconstruction Project under the Japanese ODA Loan Project).

Baghdad – The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Iraq and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Iraq Office renewed its long-standing, partnership agreement related to the establishment of socio-economic infrastructure projects in Iraq, with the support of the Government of Iraq (GoI). This agreement is focused on ensuring accelerated implementation of these critical projects, that meet the needs of the people of Iraq for basic public services, all of which contribute to development and a robust national economy.

Led by the Government of Iraq in partnership with UNDP and Japan

Implemented by the GoI, with loan assistance from JICA, this partnership enters its second decade, aiming to improve economic recovery and living conditions of Iraqis nationwide thanks to the generous support provided by the Japan Official Development Assistance (ODA) loan program. 

“JICA and UNDP will continue its support to the GoI, addressing these challenges through this partnership, with an objective to improve livelihoods, as well as enhancing Iraq’s socio-economic status for generations to come,” says JICA Iraq Chief Representative YONEDA Gen.

The GoI has underscored the need for increased investment in infrastructure ensuring its inclusion in the recently approved federal budget of 3 years. The prioritization of this within the national budget supports ongoing project implementation, laying the groundwork for new projects across the country, focused on public service sectors such electricity, health, irrigation and water and revenue-generating sectors, such as the excavation industry and seaport development. 

“Through this Triangular Cooperation, UNDP will continue to support the Government of Japan as they continue this fruitful engagement with the Government of Iraq. Together, we are ensuing the forward movement of the country, towards a brighter future - full of advancement, development, but more importantly, hope,” says UNDP Iraq Resident Representative Auke Lootsma.

This signed agreement reaffirms the commitment between JICA and UNDP to improve the state of national infrastructure, for a robust economy, better public services in local communities and increased engagement of the private sector, encouraging economic diversification and job creation, all of which advance Iraq’s progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

Multimedia link: Multimedia of P16 for JICA-UNDP Partnership Renewal (XIII)

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