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November 26, 2021

Location: Bahrain

Michael Haddad, Regional Goodwill ambassador will particiapte in the opening ceremony of the Fourth Asian Youth Paralympic Games in Manama, Bahrain on 2nd of December.

He will be taking his unique ability to walk despite his paralysis from the chest down to set a record of completing a 100-meter dash in a time of under one minute –a feat never achieved by people with his same injury. 

On 4th of December, Michael and his scientific team will participate in a roundtable to attract the attention of the community concerned with and specializing in issues of health; inclusion; accessibility; sports; and the rehabilitation of PwDs. The team will start with a presentation on what they have learned from research with Michael over the past few years. They will share insights on the role of brain modulation in Michael’s motor abilities and how that can be used not only in rehabilitation and therapy, but also for advocacy for mainstreaming agency of PwDs in such processes.

On 5th of December, Michael Haddad will participate in another roundtable with Bahrain’s Supreme Council for the Environment to encourage deeper engagement and greater investment by all sector of the Bahraini society in Climate Action to achieve the nationally set goal of carbon neutrality by 2060.