APRP Final Report


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APRP Final Report

July 12, 2018

The Afghanistan Peace and Reintegration Programme (APRP) is a national programme led by the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GIRoA) to pursue peace through political means and reconcile and reintegrate ex-combatants, develop the capacity of critical institutions to implement peace-building activities, ensure security and freedom of movement for reintegrees and communities, and consolidate peace by promoting community recovery initiatives, social services, justice, and employment. The three main components of the project were: Community Reintegration, Demobilization and weapons management and Community Development.

This APRP project completion report was prepared by the APRP-UNDP Support Project for Window B (a Peace and Reintegration Trust Fund channel managed directly by UNDP) for which the Donors’ total contributions amounted to USD 139,766,485 with expenditures of USD 131,860,492.86 (94.3%) as of 31 March 2016 for the period covering 01 August 2010 to 31 March 2016. The funds were managed directly by the GIRoA with technical assistance from the APRP-UNDP Support Project to support the reintegration process, demobilization and community development. The review process of APRP budgets and the establishment of allotments in the Ministry of Finance were managed by the APRP Financial Oversight Committee Secretariat (FOCS) with technical assistance from the UNDP Support Project through regular engagement with all partners, Joint Secretariat (JS) and the GIRoA Line Ministries (LMs).

The APRP-UNDP Support Project was established to support the JS and manage the donor funds. The overall objective of the UNDP’s support to the APRP Project was to support the APRP structures, within the broader framework of the Programme, to achieve peace and stability in the country. UNDP has played a dual role of managing one of the three windows of the Peace and Reintegration Trust Fund (Window B) and providing technical assistance for the delivery of the Programme. The APRP and UNDP Support Project were planned to run for five years and end on 31 July 2015. However, given that the National Unity Government (NUG) had newly taken up power in September 2014 and the HPC needed more time to obtain instructions from the NUG leadership on the future of the peace process and appointment of new leadership for the HPC, the Programme and Project were extended for eight additional months to 31 March 2016.