UNDP Tanzania Accelerator Lab

We are helping to build an inclusive economic development path with collective intelligence to empower and create resilient communities.



Our team aspires to use collective intelligence methods, approaches, and tools to rethink the world's fast-paced development challenges by unleashing novel ideas, concepts, and processes that lead to faster achievement of global goals. 

We are working to promote and democratize the use of new data sources such as geographic information systems, social media, financial markets, satellites, and others. 

Furthermore, we are increasingly involving youth groups in academic institutions to help us rethink the fast-paced development challenges of the twenty-first century by employing a distributed problem-solving approach. Furthermore, we are utilizing and promoting the use of deep learning to investigate various development challenges using various AI-based approaches.

We work as a team to investigate and test these approaches in collaboration with a diverse set of partners, including government agencies, non-profit organizations, and the private sector.

Our team


Godfrey Nyamrunda
Head of Experimentation


Peter Nyanda
Head of Exploration


Ghati Horombe
Head of Solutions Mapping

Our partners

We would like to thank our partners: Xsense AI, Open Map Development (OMD), DIT Design Studio, Robotech, Nelson Mandela African Institution for Science and Technology (NMAIST) and the Mbeyua University of Science and Technology.











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