UNDP Niger Accelerator Lab

We work on youth underemployment, COVID-19 response, waste management and community resilience to climate change.



Since its installation and the launch of its activities in January 2020, the UNDP Niger Accelerator Lab has been working on four main challenges, namely: rural youth underemployment (particularly in conflict zones), response to COVID-19, urban waste management and community resilience to climate change.

Currently, the Lab is about to complete its pilot project on positive deviance in millet and sorghum crops in Niger through the Data Powered Positive Deviance Initiative (DPPD) in collaboration with the GIZ Data Lab and the University of Manchester. Also, in collaboration with the Accelerator Labs of Burkina Faso and Mali, we are setting up a small ruminant trade platform in the tri-border area (Liptako-Gourma) through the Africa Borderlands Center Innovation Challenge 2021 initiative.

Our team


Moustapha Sahirou Yacouba
Head of Experimentation


Rachida Mani Kango Dan Koulou
Head of Exploration


Assane Tchagam Mallam Boukar
Head of Solutions Mapping

Our partners

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