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UNDP Haiti Accelerator Lab

We work to improve the solid waste management system by promoting local solutions with a holistic approach, through young people, women, and the private and public sectors.



The UNDP Haiti Accelerator Lab is working on solid waste management as its first challenge. In Haiti, solid waste is one of the major problems faced by the local authorities. Despite the intervention of multiple actors such as the central government, the municipalities, private enterprises and NGOs, this problem remains unsolved particularly in the urban centers. We are trying to map the system to understand how each of its parts is intertwined, in order to have an overall view. In the data-gathering phase, we have conducted several sense-making workshops involving different stakeholders, from the Government and municipalities to public market vendors. Our next phase will feature a national survey to collect data on perceptions, local initiatives and public actions to gain perspective on better waste management, while we are working to get immersed in-depth in the communities facing this issue. The collective intelligence method is key to our approach.

Our team



Pierre Antoine
Head of Experimentation



Mickens Mathieu
Head of Exploration



Pierre Faubert Lubin
Head of Solutions Mapping

Our partners

We would like to thank our private and public partners who work closely with us to come up with innovative solutions to face our complex development problems here in Haiti. We would also like to express our gratitude toward the local communities such as public market vendors and the municipalities for their interest in the Lab's activities.

Visit the UNDP Haiti website for more information.