UNDP Guinea Accelerator Lab

We work on issues related to waste management, education system digitalization, access to finance for small entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship, informality and social innovation.



The UNDP Guinea Accelerator Lab is working on various challenges which are interconnected with each other. The general theme of informality directs us towards access to finance for entrepreneurs. We are developing an ambitious partnership with Kiva which allows us to use digital as a lever for the sustainable structuring of access to finance for entrepreneurs from everywhere in the country. To do this, we use an inclusive approach involving UNDP, Kiva and microfinance institutions (MFIs). In the same logic of structuring informality, we are experimenting with the visual digital sense in entrepreneurship through a sales and treasury application intended for low-literate women entrepreneurs. With system thinking, crowdsourcing and community asset mapping we explore the economic model of waste management while solutions mapping and collective intelligence help us drive social innovation for transformational impacts.

Our team


Lamarane Barry
Head of Experimentation


Mianfing Conde
Head of Exploration


Moussa Camara
Head of Solutions Mapping

Our partners

Our thanks and gratitude go to the Ministry of National Education and Alphabetization, the National Agency for Innovation and the Digital Economy, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, to Kiva, to the Municipality of Ratoma, to our colleagues around the world and to all our volunteers across Guinea.









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