Intellectual Property Models for Sustainable Development


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Intellectual Property Models for Sustainable Development

April 5, 2024

Executive Summary of the report: Intellectual Property Models for Sustainable Development 

Since the launch of UNDP Accelerator Labs Network in 2019 and within each of the four phases of their work, there has been a persistent challenge related to how Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) feature in the work of the Accelerator Labs. At present, the system that governs how solutions are invested in presents burdensome challenges when it intersects with IPR.  

In this context, UNDP has collaborated with the Center for Music Ecosystems (CME) to conduct a body of research on the current IPR setup in UNDP that governs the UNDP Accelerator Labs Network and identify findings inspired on other leading industries with regards to IPR management. The result of the research is a set of findings that challenges the current IPR setup in the organization, striving to optimize the benefits and cooperation with all parties involved (UN agencies; governments; UNDP Accelerator Labs; grassroots innovators; startups; universities and others), based both on the IPR administration model in the music industries but also on the current IPR management setup in multiple instances in the UN System.

The work included interviews with several UNDP Accelerator Lab members and subject matter experts, all of which is detailed in the full version of the study. For the full study, contact:

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