• County Business Centres Supporting Youth and Women for Wealth Creation

      The Biashara centre seeks to promote inclusive economic transformation that will enable youth, women and persons with disability to ably participate in economic activities and contribute to the attainment of the Vision 2030. The centres will empower micro and small enterprises including the jua kali businesses, and strengthen capacities of entrepreneurs to participate in productive economic activities.

    • Title

      Turkana County, in the northern region in Kenya, which is immensely affected by proliferation of illicit small arms and light weapons benefited from an arms marking exercise to systematically track and trace the movement of arms. This is in a region where armed violence, cattle rustling and also inter border conflicts are rampant.

    • Launch of the 2013 National Human Development Report

      United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in partnership with the Government of Kenya has launched the 7th National Human Development Report themed “Climate Change and Human Development: Harnessing Emerging Opportunities”.

    • UN Secretary General calls for use of ICT to tackle emerging development challenges

      Speaking to young Kenyan technology innovators during his visit to iHub, an incubation facility for entrepreneurs and innovators in Nairobi, Ban Ki Moon said technology has the potential of dealing with crisis as it happens and therefore nip it in the bud. He also lauded iHub innovation center for blazing the trail in technology especially in encouraging girls and women to not only learn but to also come up with solutions to issues affecting them.

    • Japan Contributes USD 1.19 Million to IPSTC for Peace Support Training

      The Government of Japan has strengthened its support to the International Peace Support Training Center (IPSTC) through a contribution of USD 1.19 million. The funding channeled through UNDP will be used to address the urgent needs for capacity building within the region with emphasis on Somalia, South Sudan and Great Lakes Region.

    • Media Training on Best Practices in the Extractive Industry

      The recent discovery and mining of minerals in Kenya has come with exceedingly high expectations from host communities that the new wealth will translate into improved monetary revenues, increase foreign exchange earnings and surpluses to finance much needed socio-economic development. Which ultimately would translate to reduced poverty and ensure prosperity for all. However, this is far from the reality, the underlying truth on the ground is far more complex.

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