World Creativity and Innovation Day 2024

May 2, 2024

A photo collage showcasing some of the scenes from performances, exhibitions, booths and clinics during World Creativity and Innovation Day 2024

UNDP Uganda

On the 25th of April 2024, doors were opened to host Ugandan creatives across the country for the national commemoration of World Creativity & Innovation Day 2024.

Creatives and innovators from across the country were mobilized to connect, create and build their capacity as we strive to elevate Uganda's creative industry for social economic transformation without leaving anyone behind.

Hon. Dr. Balam Ateenyi, Minister of State for Youth and Children Affairs

UNDP Uganda

Speaking at the event, Hon. Dr. Balaam Ateenyi, Minister of State for Youth and Children Affairs said that Uganda is a country blessed with talented young people who can shine and make it. He called on everyone to support them together. "It always gives me great pleasure to engage young people, innovators, creatives, and entrepreneurs. In Uganda, we have talented young people who can shine, who can make it. We need to support them together."

Mr. Stephen Asiimwe, Executive Director, Private Sector Foundation Uganda

UNDP Uganda

Similarly, Stephen Asiimwe, the Executive Director of Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU) recommitted to supporting the creatives sector with more vigor.  “We are looking to the younger generation,” he said. “PSFU is going to add more energy and resources for creatives because this is where the future of these young people lives."

Ms. Nwanne Vwede-Obahor, UNDP Resident Representative

UNDP Uganda

During the event, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Resident Representative Ms. Nwanne Vwede-Obahor urged all creatives to have the courage to believe in themselves, develop their potential, start businesses, and collaborate effectively. "The creative industry is one of the most rapidly growing sectors of the world economy and an essential catalyst for income generation, green jobs, social progress, and economic growth. Let us harness the power of human imagination to build a better world for ourselves and for future generations."

Ms. Sheila Ngatia, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative

UNDP Uganda

Similarly, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative Ms. Sheila Ngatia was delighted to see young creatives, innovators and entrepreneurs come together to connect, create and build capacity for Uganda’s thriving creative economy. “It is great seeing Uganda’s young creatives & innovators benefit from inspiring and practical talks by mentors on digital technologies, business skilling, collaboration, and intellectual property. This is an example of a game changer for the future of youth.”

Together, UNDP and partners must continue to nurture Uganda’s creative economy, to enable the next generation to be empowered by inclusive economic growth, socioeconomic progress, and job creation, all fueled by creativity and innovation. This vibrant sector fosters social inclusion and sustainable human development, a truth recognized through World Creativity and Innovation Day. Unlike many industries, creative fields are inherently inclusive and forward-looking, empowering youth, women, and the creation of eco-friendly solutions. In Uganda, this power is not new. For generations, creative industries have thrived and contributed to the economy. Now, with the rise of digital technologies, the potential is limitless. Let us seize this opportunity and harness the boundless potential of Uganda's creative spirit.