UNDP Gender Equality Seal: Paving the Way for Gender Inclusivity in Uganda's Private Sector

November 23, 2023

On August 19, 2016, the Private Sector Foundation of Uganda (PSFU) made a commitment, witnessed by Hon. Matia Kasaija, Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, and Hon. Peace Mutuuzo, Minister of State for Gender and Culture, to embrace the Gender Equality Seal (GES) Certification Programme. Since then, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has partnered with PSFU to catalyze the enrollment of private sector enterprises in the GES program, marking a significant step toward fostering gender equality.

The GES Certification Programme involves a detailed process that companies undergo. The tangible impact of this initiative is evident in the transformative steps made in organizational structures and human resource processes, eradicating discriminatory elements. Notably, it has empowered enterprises to institute formal protocols for preventing and addressing both labor and sexual harassment in the workplace, fostering a safer and more inclusive environment.

Organizational Triumphs

Mr. Louis Kamulegeya, Project and Research Officer at Medical Concierge Group Limited (TMCG)

TMCG's Project and Research Officer, Mr. Louis Kamulegeya, underscored the program's triumph in reshaping human resource policies. 

"The initiative effectively addressed gender imbalance in senior management, resulting in a noteworthy surge in staff numbers. Notably, the workforce, particularly females, witnessed a substantial increase from 96 to 245," he said.


Ms. Joan Ssempa, Senior Human Resource Officer, TMCG

Violet Namata

Ms. Joan Ssempa, Senior Human Resource Officer at TMCG, highlighted the achievement of a 50:50 gender ratio in senior management and the promotion of females to leadership roles in mid-level management, courtesy of the GES initiative.

Photo collage of the Medical Concierge Group

Violet Namata

Ms. Margie Mbona Gender and Counselling Manager Gudie Leisure Farm.

Ms. Margie Mbona, Gender and Counselling Manager at Guide Leisure Farm, detailed the profound impact of the GES on their organizational structure. Ms. Mbona highlighted a comprehensive reassessment and amendment of their gender policy, citing the implementation of a distinct sexual harassment policy, the introduction of gender suggestion boxes, and the establishment of a robust gender equality committee. These initiatives, according to Ms. Mbona, firmly demonstrate the farm's dedication to fostering a workplace that prioritizes support and equality. 

Ms. Ssolomy Nassejje Luyombo, the General Manager of Human Resources at Centenary Bank.

Ms. Ssolomy Nassejje Luyombo, General Manager Human Resources at Centenary Bank, conveyed the program's pivotal role in identifying gaps in existing policies, stating, "The bank's zero-tolerance approach to sexual harassment and intentional efforts to grow female leaders at different organizational levels have yielded positive results." Ms. Luyombo emphasized the tangible impact of the bank's commitment to fostering a workplace free from harassment and promoting gender diversity. 


Ms. Mbabazi Emejeitwe, the dedicated Executive Director of Diamond Trust Bank.

Ms. Mbabazi Emejeitwe, Executive Director of Diamond Trust Bank, emphasized the notable strides made in efficiency and collaboration due to the GES. She highlighted the program's positive influence on encouraging women to actively pursue roles in middle and senior management, resulting in a more diverse and inclusive leadership structure within the bank. 

A glimpse inside the Day Care Centre at Gudie Leisure Farm.

Enhanced Work-Life Balance and Personal Development

Gudie Leisure Farm's implementation of policies, including a day-care center, showcases their commitment to improving work-life balance and reducing absenteeism. Centenary Bank's intentional training initiatives focus on empowering women at various organizational levels, ensuring a pipeline of female leaders.

Acknowledgment and Challenges

Acknowledging the UNDP's crucial role, Ms. Nassejje expressed gratitude for the guidance and collaboration, emphasizing the positive impact on policies and overall organizational improvement. 

Ms. Mbabazi encouraged other organizations to embrace the GES program despite initial challenges in securing universal buy-in adding that the perceived misconception of gender equality as a power struggle was gradually dispelled through education and continuous effort.

UNDP's Vital Role in Driving Gender Equality for Sustainable Development

The success stories of organizations like TMCG, Gudie Leisure Farm, Centenary Bank, and Diamond Trust Bank underscore the transformative impact of the Gender Equality Seal (GES). UNDP's commitment to fostering gender equality within the private sector aligns seamlessly with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly SDG 5, which aims to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls. By championing inclusivity, eradicating gender disparities, and creating discrimination-free workplaces, these organizations become active contributors to global development objectives.


By Violet Namata, Communications Assistant