A new dawn for Uganda as the country launches its Digital Transformation Roadmap

September 12, 2023

Vice President of the Republic of Uganda H.E. Jessica Rose Alupo unveiling the map of Uganda with all the Districts as a symbol of Digital Transformation

In previous UNDP Uganda Accelerator Lab blogs, we narrated an exciting journey we had embarked upon, one filled with innovation and promise, as we designed Uganda’s Digital Transformation Roadmap. This roadmap, which is well aligned to the Digital Uganda Vision 2040, has the power to revolutionize Uganda. 

We examined the challenges that stood in the country’s digital transformation journey, those formidable obstacles hindering the progress of digitalization for improved service delivery. These challenges, as detailed in our previous blog, are the stepping stones to our grand vision. 

The design approach was a hybrid with a blend of desk reviews, participatory stakeholder engagements, and dynamic solutions mapping. In doing so, we harnessed the transformative methodologies of the UNDP Accelerator Lab, propelling us forward into a future that is brimming with possibilities if implementation is well coordinated and calculated.

But we have not journeyed alone on this exciting path. We worked with CenteTech, the private sector Centenary Technology Services, who served as our guiding lights leading the way with their expertise.

And what a journey it has been and continues to be. Not only have we worked with the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance, but we have also forged strong partnerships with other government agencies, departments, ministries, development partners, and the entire digitalization technology and innovation ecosystem.

This photo essay with quotes from various speakers is to showcase the colorful event of the launch of the Digital Transformation Roadmap that attracted all stakeholders who are critical in its implementation.

The Vice President H.E. Jessica Rose Alupo

The Vice President H.E. Jessica Rose Alupo the fifth from the right side, the UNDP Resident Representative Ms. Elsie Attafuah the fifth from the left, Minister of ICT and National Guidance Hon. Chris Baryomosi the fourth from the right, followed by his Deputy Hon.Joyce Sebugwawo, the third from the right, Minister of State for Higher Education the Second from the right side, the Undersecretary Ministry of Education and Sports Dr. Jane Egau the first from the right, the MoICT&NG Permanent Secretary Dr. Amina Zawedde the fourth from the left, the CEO of Centenary Group of Technologies Dr. Grace Ssekakubo the third from the left, followed by Mr. Peter Kahigi the Chief Technologies Officer the second from the left side and Member of Parliament, Mawogola North, Ssembabule District Hon. Shartsi Kabatsi Musherure.

Vice President H.E. Jessica Rose Alupo with Ministers, and Development Partners including European Union, and Swedish Ambassadors, United Nations Country Representatives from UNDP, IOM, FAO, UNHCR as well as the Presidential Advisor Prof. Ephraim Kamuntu

“The Digital Advancement Plan is more than just a policy document,” said H.E. Jessica Alupo, Vice President of the Republic of Uganda. “It outlines Uganda’s journey to incorporate digital solutions in areas ranging from governance and education to health, agriculture, and trade. This plan signifies Uganda’s dedication to creativity, inclusiveness and forward momentum for its populace. In fact, I direct our National Planning Authority to align the fourth National Development Plan (NDP IV) with the Digital Transformation Roadmap.” 

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Resident Representative Ms. Elsie Attafuah

“UNDP has prioritised digital transformation as an important enabler for structural transformation, resilience and inclusive development through UNDP Uganda’s Digitalization, Innovation and Smart Cities (DISC) Programme,” said Ms. Elsie Attafuah, UNDP Resident Representative. “UNDP, through the Chief Digital Office and the overall leadership of the UNDP Administrator Mr. Achim Steiner, is supporting the Government of Uganda, through the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance and other public and private sector actors, to promote digitalization as an accelerator of Uganda’s structural transformation.”

Minister of Information Communication Technology and National Guidance Hon. Dr. Chris Baryomosi

“This Roadmap represents a bold vision for our nation's future, a future that is not just driven by technology, but one in which technology serves as the catalyst for sustainable development, economic growth, and improved livelihoods for all Ugandans. This roadmap has been developed with a clear understanding of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Our government, in collaboration with various stakeholders, has crafted a comprehensive strategy that outlines the key areas of focus, the necessary policies, and the implementation framework that will guide us through this transformative journey,” said Hon. Chris Baryomosi, Minister of ICT and National Guidance. 

Minister of State for Higher Education Mr. John Chrysestom Muyingo

“I am glad that the Roadmap is well aligned with the Digital Skilling Strategy for Ministry of Education and Sports,” said Minister of State for Higher Education Mr. John Chrysestom Muyingo. “The Digital skilling programme to be deployed in all our institutions of learning at all levels will improve the country’s human capital and spur innovations.”  He added “Digital skills are the currency of the modern world and building blocks to enable people thrive and as we embark on this journey, we acknowledge digital literacy and coding are no longer optional but essential for personal and career growth. This will help create a generation of digital competent citizens.”

H.E. Jan Sadek, Ambassador of the European Union to Uganda

“The Digital Transformation Roadmap for Uganda will play a crucial role in the development of the country. The roadmap is well aligned with the European Union investment strategy for Africa that seeks to bring together resources to support key areas in the countries. I am glad to note that we reaffirm our commitment to supporting Uganda to transform its digital space to not only interact with each other and the rest of the world, but also to improve service delivery to the citizens,” said H.E. Jan Sadek, Ambassador of the European Union to Uganda.

Swedish Ambassador H.E. Maria Håkansson

“The Digital Transformation roadmap is timely, and it is in alignment with the Swedish Development cooperation framework to Uganda which contributes to sustainable and inclusive economic growth, corporate social responsibility and free and fair trade," said Swedish Ambassador H.E. Maria Håkansson.

Ministry of ICT and National Guidance Permanent Secretary Dr. Amina Zawedde

With this Roadmap, we would like to see that by the year 2027, 95% of government services will have moved online, 90% of Uganda covered by broadband, 90% of citizens accessing services online and 90% of SMEs and other private institutions connected to internet whereas 60% of the country will be utilizing local ICT products and services by government and private sector. Government will expand the National Backbone Infrastructure (NBI) to reach a minimum additional 73 districts and 20 major towns with last mile connectivity to service at least 3,000 administration units including schools, ministries, departments, agencies, Local Governments, and hospitals with appropriate international bandwidth capacity. Uganda’s ICT sector currently contributes over 9% to the national GDP and employs 2.3 million individuals. In 5 years this will have greatly improved,” said Dr. Aminah Zawedde, Permanent Secretary at Ministry of ICT and National Guidance.

Asst. Commissioner, Ministry of ICT and National Guidance Mr. Amos Mpungu

A panel discussion with the experts UNDP, Private Sector, Judiciary, Ministry of ICT&NG. They discussed ways of how to effectively implement the roadmap.

UNDP Accelerator Lab Staff including Head of Experimentation Berna Mugema, Head of Solutions Mapping Hadijah Nabbale and Head of Exploration Nathan Tumuhamye

Guests: Presidential Advisor Prof. Ephraim Kamuntu (in white shirt) next to him is Makerere University’s Prof. William Bazeyo

Vice President and guests inspect MTN Uganda booth a 5th Generation network Telecom Company

For more information, access Uganda’s first ever Digital Transformation Roadmap here.


Compiled by Hadijah Nabbale, Head of Solutions Mapping; Berna Mugema, Head of Experimentation Berna Mugema; and Nathan Tumuhamye, Head of Exploration