Supporting Value Chain for Children’s Education

January 16, 2024

Musa and his family proud of their peas harvest

©UNDP Syria - Abdalmalek Alabdalaa

Musa Hussein Al-Ta'ma is 39 years old from Deir EzZour. Musa and his family of nine harvested approximately two tons of peas this year as a result of the UNDP Value Chain Support Programme, financed through the Funding Window. Musa is one of 54 farmers who obtained supplies for growing peas as part of the value chain project and received advanced training on effective methods for handling crop residue. 


Through the incoming crop, Musa was able to buy two heads of sheep, which are now bearing newborns. He uses the crop residues to feed these sheep. 


“My son Ibrahim was out of school for several years. Now, because of the project, I can afford to send him back to continue his education,” said Musa. Ibrahim felt more self-conscious about returning to school due to his advanced age than the rest of the children. To catch up with his classmates, Musa resorted to private tutoring in an effort to ensure Ibrahim’s academic achievement. 

Musa's family harvesting peas

©UNDP Syria - Abdalmalek Alabdalaa