Ready to Make a Delivery in Deir EzZour

Turning A Small Idea into A Business

August 18, 2023

Modar from Deir EzZour on electric bike ready to make a delivery

©UNDP – Syria | Zuhair Al-Fourati

Modar is 36 years old from Deir EzZour in Syria. The idea of starting his own delivery (courier) business was just a thought he never dreamed would see the light. There was an absence of similar projects in his city, in addition to the high transportation fees. 

Mudar saw a call for application at the Youth Empowerment Centre in Deir EzZour and applied. He received training and was able to hone his skills, develop his idea into a business plan based on feasibility analysis and market research, create the budget, etc. 

Modar submitted the business plan to the committee at the centre, who in turn endorsed his idea and provided a start-up grant and mentoring services to launch his own business. With that, the “Alo Jayek” (Hello, I am coming) delivery service was established. 

Modar from Deir EzZour delivering some bread to a client

©UNDP – Syria | Zuhair Al-Fourati

“I opened up for business as the first delivery service in the city. I started with two electric bikes and a solar energy system. I was taking external orders and happy to save people some transportation costs while also protecting the environment,” said Modar. “This was life-changing for me and the entire family”.

With passion and commitment, Modar succeeded in establishing one of the most popular businesses in the city. He hired four people, thus creating job opportunities and improving their livelihoods, and purchased two additional bikes. Today, Modar can support his family along with four other people who are helping him in the business.

Modar and his team opposite their office in Deir EzZour

©UNDP – Syria | Zuhair Al-Fourati

The Youth Empowerment Centre provides a set of employment support and entrepreneurship development services and contributes to addressing some of the challenges facing youth, all the while promoting their active and diversified engagement in the labour market. These centres, operated through UNDP’s Youth Empowerment Project (YEP), provide tailored vocational and skill-based training, inclusive entrepreneurship and youth-led start-up development, youth participation and leadership development. So far, YEP reached over 7,500 young men and women, offered vocational and skills training to 6,000 youth, provided 4,500 youth with employment and matching support, and established 68 start-ups.