Our focus

Socio-economic Recovery and Social Cohesion


When people lose their jobs and struggle to make a living, it leads to social problems. UNDP is working to help people in Syria who have faced this hardship. We want to create better, fairer, and more equal opportunities for everyone, including women. By doing this, we hope to reduce conflicts caused by inequality, competition for limited resources, and negative coping mechanisms that are weakening the social fabric in Syria.

What we do

Contributing to Sustainable Development Goals 1-2, 5-11, 13 and 15, UNDP aims to reactivate the production process and provide sustainable livelihood resources for the Syrian population. Interventions in this area aim to enhance skills, capacities, and resources in the most affected communities, targeting internally displaced persons, host communities, returnees, and crisis-affected areas. 

Within the UN Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP), UNDP interventions in this area includes:

  1. Boosting Local Economies: 

Our main focus is on reviving the local economy to provide job opportunities for people in urban and rural areas. In urban areas, we're closely looking at the job market and helping create employment opportunities. In rural regions, our attention is on improving farming and agricultural practices to generate income. We're also working on upgrading local economic management, ensuring that resources are used efficiently, and assisting small businesses with innovative ideas and modern technology. By supporting these initiatives, we aim to reduce poverty and create a more stable economic environment.


  1. Supporting Communities: 

Building resilient communities that care for every member is essential. We are actively involved in strengthening these communities, particularly by ensuring that vulnerable groups, including women and persons with disabilities, have access to the support they need. We're harnessing the potential of new technologies and programs to advance gender equality and promote social harmony. This includes introducing digital tools and launching initiatives that encourage gender equality and community reconciliation. Our approach is strategic, aiming to foster positive changes in people's lives, enhance their well-being.


Our efforts are directed towards not only revitalizing local economies but also fostering inclusive, resilient communities. We believe that by improving economic prospects and enhancing social cohesion, we can create a brighter and more stable future for the people of Syria.