Participatory Local Recovery Planning

UNDP Syria Participatory Local Recovery Planning

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Participatory Local Recovery Planning

December 17, 2023

This concept note outlines the Participatory Local Recovery Planning process that UNDP Syria has developed. It describes the comprehensive and holistic approach to recovery that UNDP Syria is pursuing as part of its early recovery and resilience-building assistance to the people of Syria; the process that will be followed in order to develop local early recovery plans and the key mechanisms through which they will be formulated.  

Participatory local early recovery plans will offer humanitarian actors in Syria a common framework through which they can align their interventions with local priorities. This will help:

  • Reduce fragmentation, duplication, and transaction costs

  • Harmonize the programs of UN agencies and other humanitarian actors operating in the same territory, thus improving aid effectiveness

  • Promote multiplier effects

  • Facilitate partnerships that enable better horizontal and vertical coordination, which extend beyond the scope of just one project or activity