Our focus

Local Governance and Service Delivery

UNDP's aim is to prevent the further deterioration of essential service provision and community participation spaces in local governance. These are vital foundations for long-term peace and development. Our focus is on promoting more inclusive, responsive, and representative local governance, along with equitable, effective, and gender-sensitive delivery of basic services. This approach enhances the resilience of the most vulnerable individuals who rely on essential public services and empowers communities to take a central role in grassroots recovery efforts.

What we do

Contributing to Sustainable Development Goals 2-7, 9-11, and 16, UNDP is dedicated to stabilizing local communities and facilitating the return of internally displaced persons by restoring essential life-sustaining services and infrastructure for affected areas.

Within the UN Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP), our support encompasses three key elements:

  1. Enhancing Access and Quality: 

    We work to improve access to and the quality of basic services through the rehabilitation of critical civilian service infrastructure. 

  2. Strategic Planning for Inclusive Governance: 

    UNDP supports improving sub-national development planning to ensure responsive and inclusive local governance that caters to citizens' needs. We strategically focus on localizing the Sustainable Development Goals to align efforts with global development objectives.

  3. Fostering Civic Engagement: 

    We support greater civic engagement, community participation, and representation, with a particular emphasis on women's involvement in local planning processes. This provides opportunities and mechanisms for citizens' voices to influence local-level decision-making and prioritize activities aligned with UNDP's programmatic priorities.

By strengthening local governance and service delivery, UNDP aims to build resilient and empowered communities, ultimately contributing to sustainable development and peace.