Gender Progress Report-UNDP Somalia


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Gender Progress Report-UNDP Somalia

November 30, 2022

UNDP Somalia Country Office implemented  a Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment (GEWE) strategy from 2015-2017. During this period the Country Office worked to challenge negative social norms, building the capacities of women to actively participate in national and local governance systems as well as in peacebuilding and state formation processes. Due to this work, which took place in close collaboration with the Federal Government of Somalia and other UN agnecies there was a record increase in women’s political representation in the current parliament and passage of a Sexual Offences Law in Puntland. 

However, significant challenges in the achievement of GEWE still exist. Women continue to be marginalized in almost all spheres of society despite their contributions to maintaining everyday life. According to the Social Institutions and Gender Index, Somalia remains on the 6th lowest position in the world, with ‘very high’ discriminatory family codes, ‘very high’ levels of restricted physical integrity, and a ‘very high’ level of restricted resources and assets. Nonetheless, the political developments that took place in 2016 present opportunities for engagement and renewed efforts to address gender imbalances in Somalia. 

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