PCVE - Somali Strategy and Action Plan


Large parts of Somalia are still effectively under control of Al Shabaab, where it provides de facto governance by enforcing taxation, education and providing some form of justice. A key element for the Federal and State government to be able to provide a comprehensive and integrated response to AS, is to have a functioning coordination mechanism. Without the coordinated response, activities undertaken to prevent and counter violent extremism will remain in a vacuum and will not add to a sustainable overall progress at national or regional level.

As a part of implementing the adopted PCVE Strategy in Somalia, the project will assist Somalia to staff and operationalize its coordination mechanism at the national and FMS levels. The project will provide operational support for the PVCE coordination mechanisms, including regular CAS Stand 4 coordination meetings, in addition to training and technical assistance. The project will promote linkages between Somali and regional PVCE initiatives, in partnership with other actors.


Consultations and workshops will be held with relevant stakeholders at national and federal member state level, including civil society, women’s group, traditional elders and religious leaders. These workshops will build the capacities of networks to engage on PCVE issues, and provide feedback on PCVE priorities. The project will also support small scale ‘action research’, including mapping of existing PCVE initiatives at community levels. Based on feedback provided during consultation and guided by the research studies, priorities and methodologies will be established for ‘Phase 2’ follow-on medium-term support to PCVE coordination, building upon the foundations laid under this project.

The expected project outcome is: PCVE coordination by national authorities is functional at Federal and Federal Member State levels, and consultation mechanism are established. 

This outcome focuses on supporting the implementation of CAS Strand 4 and the Government’s PCVE Strategy, by:

• Supporting the Government to establish a functional system of PCVE coordination between national and federal member states,

• Supporting the operational cost associated with Government coordination of PCVE (such as salaries and meeting costs) and the implementation of selected priority activities from the PCVE Action Plans and

• Supporting the Government led PCVE coordinators to hold dialogues and establish coordination mechanisms with community stakeholders (ie civil society, women’s groups, traditional leaders, religious leaders) which contribute to PCVE.