Joint Police Programme


International funding has been crucial in sustaining the Somali Federal and Federal Member States (FMS) Police in returning a degree of security and rule of law to the country. The continuation and expansion of these efforts is crucial over the coming years. To enable this, it is proposed to establish a dedicated programme that will support the Federal and FMS police implement the New Policing Model (NPM). This programme will seek to bring together donor funding of the police into one place and enable the efficient and effective allocation of resources against agreed priorities. By doing so, it will enable the International Community (IC) to build a stronger strategic partnership with Somali authorities and the police and enable donor support to be provided in an increasingly coordinated and collaborative manner. In order to safeguard Somali ownership, Somali capacity building and sustainment of the long term and continuity of the project the Joint Police Programme will consider giving opportunity of contracting employment for local Somali entities.

Working in partnership with Somali authorities at the Federal and State levels and utilizing the horizontal and vertical connectivity enshrined in this new management structure, the International Community (IC) now has a real opportunity to enhance collaboration in support of specific and realistic activities aimed at increasing the number of police officers operating across the country and their effectiveness in providing critical basic policing services to communities. The Joint Police Programme is a key mechanism to enable this opportunity to be seized. The development of the police will play an important role in supporting wider stability and development objectives in Somalia and broadening, deepening and building confidence in wider political settlement processes across the country.


The strategy enshrined in the Joint Police Programme for 2018-2022 aims to increase police presence and visibility across the major population centers and their supply routes in the FMS by encouraging newly deployed police to conduct patrols and to develop positive interactions with their communities. It is recognized that these nascent Regional Police Services will continue to refer a majority of community members seeking assistance to traditional dispute mechanism but that over time (increasingly from 2021-2027) will focus on basic investigation linked to the emerging formal justice system is required. 

The expected project outcome is: Supporting institutions to improve Peace, Security, Justice, the Rule of Law and safety of Somalis; Strengthening accountability and supporting institutions that protect.