Media contacts

Media contacts

This website provides useful resources for journalists who would like to learn more about UNDP and its activities:

For media enquiries only, and for quotes/interviews with UNDP's Resident Representative or team of development experts, please contact:

Communications Unit
Mobile/WhatsApp: +252 6141 250 46

Other Sources

Many other UN and external reports and fora offer an insight into development work. A selection is listed below:

The Communication Initiative Partnership Rockefeller Foundation, UNICEF, USAID, WHO, BBC World Service, CIDA, Johns Hopkins University Communication Programs, The Change Project, The European Union, Soul City, The Panos Institute, UNAIDS

The World Communication and Information Report 1999-2000 discusses issues such as freedom of the media, the role of public service broadcasting, editorial independence, the use of the Internet in education, cultural pluralism, worldwide access to information resources, challenges to the intellectual property and censorship on the Internet.

UN Wire Business Weekly is a free service sponsored by the United Nations Foundation and its sister organization, the Better World Fund, which are dedicated to supporting United Nations efforts on behalf of the environment, population stabilization and children's health. UN Wire Business Weekly is produced independently by National Journal Group.

Communication for Development Group newsletter focuses on communication to rural women.

Development communications research that takes lessons from the advertising industry and from market research companies doing advertising for them.

UNICEF / UNESCO/BBC Audience Research Handbook *(The English version is available. A French edition is coming out soon. Prices of the English version depend on whether surface or airmail is used. The basic cost of the book is 15.95 or $20.95) Order from: Dr Graham Mytton

Defining the Partnership with the Media . Explores the relationship between the media and conflict resolution. It finds that individuals and organizations should not marginalize or ignore the media because they influence public opinion, which, in turn, can influence government policies that might lead to conflict resolution. Contact: Lina Maria Holguin

The Online Journal of Peace and Conflict Resolution published by the Tabula Rasa Institute.

Conflict resolution site with many links to other sites.

Peace Net with many links. Also has Online Advocacy Tips.

Searches for any person affiliated with an academic, government, population, or other qualified organization in a developing country free of charge. Links, databases, searches by country for various resources.

Healthlink . Worldwide works to improve the health of poor and vulnerable communities by strengthening the provision, use and impact of information. The resource centre at Healthlink Worldwide houses a unique collection of over 19,000 books, journals, training manuals, newsletters, reports. Chapters on computers, information technology and various information services are excellent.