Fostering Agritech Innovation: Learnings from Cultiv@te

Cultiv@te Final Report

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Fostering Agritech Innovation: Learnings from Cultiv@te

June 21, 2022

Cultiv@te—UNDP’s global innovation initiative for sustainable agriculture—was launched in 2019 with the realisation that meaningful transformation of agri-food systems will require developing countries having access to knowledge, technology, and resources to foster innovation locally. Cultiv@te aimed to surface transformative technological solutions to address some of the most complex developmental challenges surrounding agri-food systems. 

This report shares achievements of the initiative over 2020-21, summarising the key trends in the use of technology for advancing sustainable agriculture, and capturing learnings with regard to ‘what works’ in fostering innovation in the agri-food sector—from the importance of human-centred design to stakeholder engagement strategies.