Официальное заявление Администратора ПРООН Акима Штайнера относительно ситуации вокруг Украины.

3 March 2022

As I watch the crisis unfolding in Central Europe, I am deeply concerned about the fate of the millions of Ukrainians who have been affected and displaced by the military offensive. Today, UNDP joined the UN response to the crisis to support those affected by the conflict, both inside Ukraine and in neighboring countries that accept refugees.

As part of the Flash Appeal, UNDP assistance to Ukraine will include support for the food supply structure, support for communities and social cohesion, and emergency response. As part of the inter-agency Regional Refugee Response Plan, UNDP will support countries neighboring Ukraine in providing assistance to refugees, including temporary housing, emergency medical services, ambulances and buses to transport people from border crossing points.

I join the UN Secretary General and our UN colleagues in saying that the violence must stop. We need peace. People's lives, their dignity and human rights must be protected.

For 30 years, UNDP has been working in Ukraine with local communities and partners to ensure development and growth. We cannot allow the hard-won development gains to be lost.

This crisis will exacerbate existing vulnerabilities and inequalities across the region. It's time for solidarity. UNDP continues to work with our UN counterparts and is committed to stepping up recovery and reconstruction efforts as soon as the situation permits.