#COVID19Detect Protect Challenge: Announcing Round 2 Winners


We're excited to announce the Impact Winners from the second round of judging in the COVID-19 Detect and Protect Challenge

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Hackster.io, an Avnet company and the largest online open-source technology hardware community, launched #COVID19DetectProtect this April to create open-source technology that developing countries can leverage in the fight against this global pandemic.

The new design challenge is a call to action for all hardware and software developers, product designers, scientists, hackers, makers, innovators and inventors to come up with innovative ideas to cost-efficiently support COVID-19 response efforts in developing countries.

  • Read the full challenge announcement HERE
  • View the Impact Winners from Week 1 HERE



Authorised Entry Using Face Mask Detection

This low-cost Face Mask Detection Device can detect whether or not a person is wearing a face mask. The camera captures images of those entering public spaces and detects whether they are wearing face masks. This device, when installed in public spaces such as market places and restaurants, helps to better streamline the flow of customers entering public spaces. 
Full tutorial HERE




3-D Printed Face Shields

Front-line workers all around the world have been providing care and assistance round the clock to those affected by the pandemic. However, the shortage of supplies exposes front-line workers to a higher chance of infections. Face shields, N95 masks and other personal protective equipment are the most in need. Using a 3D printer, hospitals can print affordable face shields to support the efforts of front-line workers. Full tutorial HERE




ShockBIT is a small disposable electronic device that is worn on a user's wrist and monitors their hand motions. The device will emit a small, harmless electric pulse when the hand gets too close to the face. ShockBIT is designed for an easy user experience to lightly remind users to refrain from unnecessarily touching their mouth, nose, and eyes. Full tutorial HERE

The UNDP Global Centre Singapore will work with Country Offices and partner tech companies to meet the needs of countries and regions with lack of resources where COVID-19 could have the greatest impact. UNDP will work with governments to help ensure regulations, procurement procedures, and policies to catalyse and make use of innovations.

We will be announcing rounds of winners every week until the end of the challenge. There will be 20 winners in total.