Total Budget

Total programme budget for the 5-year period for
Solomon Islands is 38 million USD.

Estimated expenditures for thematic areas for 2018

2018 (USD)

Democratic governance and peacebuilding


Resilience and Sustainable Development


Inclusive Growth




*figures only include projected budget/expenditures for country specific projects. Budgets for regional and global initiatives with activities based in SOI are not included. For joint initiatives with other UN agencies, only UNDP components are included. Sources of funding include UNDP’s core resources, Global Environment Facility GEF, DFAT, EU, Japan, New Zealand, UN Peacebuilding Fund, Global Fund.


Women: Men

Source: Solomon Islands 2009 census

  • Human Development Index rank (2017): 152
  • Gross national income (GNI) per capita (2011PPP$): 1,872
  • Expected years of schooling (year): Women: 9.7 Men: 10.7
  • Share of seats in parliament held by women: 2%
  • Labourforce participation rate: Women 62.5%; Men: 80.3%
  • Primary school dropout rate (% of primary school cohort): 36.6%
  • Survival rate to the last grade of lower secondary general education: 85%
  • Internet users (% of population): 11.0%
  • Rural population with access to electricity: 41.5%
  • Population using improved drinking-water sources: 64.0%
  • Population using improved sanitation facilities: 31.3%
  • Violence against women ever experienced by intimate partners: 63.5; nonintimate partner: 18.0
  • Mandatory paid maternity leave (days): 84
  • Forest area change (%) 1990/2015: -6.0

(Source: Human Development Indices and Indicators 2018 Statistical Update (UNDP)

ODA dependency rate: 12.7% of GNI

(Source: OECD DAC, included in Solomon Islands Development Finance Assessment Report) 


Aid statistics by sector


Social infrastructure 67%
Economic infrastructure 24%
Multi-sector 5%
Production 2%
Humanitarian aid 2%
(Source: OECD DAC)