Pacific Youth Anti-Corruption Toolkit: Integrity in Action

Pacific Youth Anti-Corruption Toolkit: Integrity in Action. Second Edition

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Pacific Youth Anti-Corruption Toolkit: Integrity in Action

May 23, 2022

The toolkit is designed to help young people fight corruption. It acknowledges the creativity and energy of youth, and the critical role young people play as advocates for integrity, transparency and accountability, especially in today's hyper-connected media-rich world. It aims to empower young people to create change in the world, recognize and develop skills, and inspire others to prevent and fight corruption. This is critical if young people and everyone else in society are to enjoy skilled jobs and a better future.

The original toolkit was conceived by young people from 14 Pacific Island countries at the 2015 Pacific Youth Forum Against Corruption and developed in partnership with the Pacific Youth Council under the United Nations Pacific Regional Anti-Corruption (UN-PRAC) project. This second edition, the result of a partnership between Australia Pacific Training Coalition and UN-PRAC and offers upgraded and revised advice, information and inspiration on building personal and community advocacy against corruption.

The toolkit is easy-to-use and interactive. Users are free to decide how much, when and how they want to explore. Aside from skills development, the toolkit aims to promote, enable and inspire energy and enthusiasm in the integrity youth movement in the Pacific. Youth voices must be heard as well-informed anti-corruption advocates if corruption is not to damage sustainable development in the region.

We hope that this revised toolkit will help young people everywhere make change happen.

Development of the toolkit was supported by the UN-PRAC project with funding from the Australian and New Zealand Governments.