Citizens Budget Guide Tuvalu

Citizens Budget Guide Tuvalu

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Citizens Budget Guide Tuvalu

April 1, 2021

The Citizens Budget Guide for Tuvalu is designed to present to the residents in an accessible form, in an understandable language, including illustrations, information about the public finances. The revenue of the country is formed through the payment of taxes and fees under enterprises, institutions, organizations, entrepreneurs, and individuals. Our goal was to show from which types of taxes how much revenue was received and for what expenses these funds were used. We hope that the openness of the budget information encourages people to be active, will increase their trust in government.

The formulation of the 2020 National Budget has been guided by the vision of the new Government which seeks to achieve an improved quality of life and strengthened family unit and community order that ensures that the people of Tuvalu remain healthy, happy, secured, and prosperous. The budget upholds the importance of maintaining Tuvalu’s core values of love, respect, honesty, cooperation, self-help, and consensus-building. 

This Citizens Budget Guide is not an official government document and was produced based on publicly available information.

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