Tuvalu Coastal Adaptation Project

The combination of intensifying cyclone events and ongoing and accelerating sea level rise is expected to have dire impacts on Tuvalu.

The project assists Tuvalu by implementing measures that reduce exposure to coastal hazards in the three target islands, developing a long term coastal adaptation strategy, building capacity of national and local authorities to better implement adaptation actions, and investing in youth as future stewards of a resilient Tuvalu.

Financed with US$36 million from the Green Climate Fund and $2.9 million from the Government of Tuvalu, the project will enable the Government to take steps to manage the risks of coastal hazards.

Our work

  • Strengthen institutions, human resources, awareness and knowledge for resilient coastal management
    • Strengthen technical capacity, knowledge and awareness of monitoring, protecting and maintaining of coastal protection infrastructure 
    • Enhance long-term national human resource capacity and awareness related to coastal resilience 
  • Reduce vulnerability of key coastal infrastructure including himes, schools, hospitals to wave-induced damages
    • Coastal assessments carried out in all islands in a participatory manner 
    • Implementation of coastal protection measures in Funafuti, Nanumea and Nanumaga
  • Establish a sustainable financing mechanism for long-term adaptation efforts 
    • All islands strategic plans and annual budgets integrate island-specific climate risks through gender-sensitive, participatory processes.
    • Strengthen capacity of Kaupules, Falekaupules and community members in monitoring coastal adaptation investments 





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