Empowering Youth as Agents for Peace and Social Cohesion


The Solomon Islands is entering a critical phase in its peacebuilding journey; the Regional Assistance Mission has now fully withdrawn, national and provision elections in early 2019 are a potential flashpoint in a context where government spending is increasingly dominated by discretionary spending managed by Members of Parliament, and a referendum on independence in neighbouring Bougainville risks reigniting violence along the porous border. 

In this context and in support of the recently launched National Youth Policy, this project will empower marginalised young Solomon Islanders, particularly young women both to engage in decision-making and as pro-active social entrepreneurs to address local sources of grievances. It will take peacebuilding efforts in a new direction, and into new locations that have traditionally been beyond the reach of development efforts and government services to help nurture a new generation of effective peace advocates and national builders. 

Planned Outcomes: 

  1. Strengthen the voices of young people particularly young women in Honiara, North Malaita, the Weather Coast of Guadalcanal, and boarder communities in the West, in terms of decision making processes related to issues identified in the Perceptions Survey on peacebuilding. 
  2. Communities in the hotspot areas are more resilient to conflict with more socially, economically and politically empowered youth particularly young women engaging as peace builders.