Solomon Islands paves the way for e-Goverment

February 27, 2024
Solomon Islands

Participants during the e-Governance workshop in Honiara

Photo: UNDP/Daniel Gonzalez

Honiara, Solomon Islands – Traditionally, e-Governance was regarded as improving the efficiency of government agencies by providing government services online. However, this consideration has broadened to include the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to conduct a wide range of interactions with citizen and businesses as well as gather data for different purposes and enable innovation between a wider array of uses. 

All this and some other related topics were discussed at the eGovernment Workshop organized by the Ministry of Communication and Aviation and the United Nations Development Programme in Solomon Islands.

The workshop begun with Luke Mua, Acting Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Communication and Aviation, who shared the current status quo of eGovernment in Solomon Islands and the various projects developed under the National ICT Policy, the overarching policy framework that guides ICT development in the country.

The workshop presented a brief overview of the coverage of eGovernment possibilities and the potential of a whole-of-government approach that can be developed.

Participants representing ministries within the government had the chance to raise questions about risks, concerns, and requirements for eGovernment and share ideas for the future development of the strategy. Mr. Mua referred to their participation as “fundamental…to capture relevant information that will guide the policy development and accurately represents the needs of the different government agencies.”

Solomon Islands

UNDP Programme Manager, Nanise Saune-Qaelowai, presenting UNDP's digital strategy.

Photo: UNDP/Daniel Gonzalez

As Nanise Saune-Qaloewai, UNDP Programme Manager, affirmed: 

“The objectives of the eGovernment Strategy is to improve further the efficiency of government agencies, increasing government services online, responding to demands of citizens for transparency and accountability, as well as being more inclusive to increase citizens’ trust."

The eGovernment Strategy is an initiative in line with the results of the Digital Readiness Assessment and UNDP Digital Strategy aimed at supporting countries to build inclusive, ethical and sustainable digital societies that meet the needs of 21st Century societies where resources are more effectively managed across the public sector and internal working procedures are improved by reducing financial costs and transaction times, better integrating work flow and processes, optimizing results.

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