Solomon Islands Parliament Equips New MPs for Success

June 21, 2024

Acting Clerk to National Parliament, Jefferson Halu, facilitated the final day's orientation session.

Photo: UNDP

Honiara, Solomon Islands: A week-long induction program for the 50 members of the 12th Parliament of the Solomon Islands has concluded in Honiara.  

Both new MPs alongside their more experienced returning counterparts came together for an intensive program that covered topics such as separation of powers, roles and responsibilities as a legislator, parliamentary committee work, engagement with marginalized groups such as women and youth, and sessions on presentation skills and working with the country’s media outlets.  

For many of those new MPs attending the induction, their recent election to parliament is the realization of a lifelong dream. For others, a move within the legislature stems from nothing more than a call to serve; to better the lives of those within their respective communities.  

Joining the parliamentary ranks is an experience that defies preparation, there is no specific handbook that can effectively prepare a new MP for the transition to parliamentary life. The induction program, however, serves as an important milestone not only for those new MPs, it also acts as a refresher for those who have a plethora of experience within the house.  

Newly elected MP for Maringe Kokota, Hon. Cathy Nori, is the first-ever woman Deputy Chair of Caucus. After attending the induction she said:

“Yesterday it was mentioned that if you want to be an accountant, you study accountancy. A doctor, you study medicine. To be a member of parliament you must learn on the job, and this induction has allowed me to better understand how parliament works, but to also give me a few new things to focus on during this term,” she said.  

UN Development Programme Pacific Office in Fiji Resident Representative, Munkhtuya Altangerel, said:

“It is your responsibility as elected representatives to ensure that the Parliament, as the people’s house, is a beacon of hope and security. A place where the needs of all Solomon Islands people and recognized and addressed, where the aspirations for the future are reflected in the work of Government, and where there is space for everyone to contribute to and benefit from the country’s development – where no-one is left behind.”

This work in support of strengthening parliamentary development in Solomon Islands, and across the Pacific, is made possible with thanks to support from the people and governments of Japan and New Zealand. The Solomon Islands parliament induction was supported, in addition, by resource people from the parliaments of Fiji, New South Wales (Australia), New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the United Kingdom.  

The induction program concluded with an orientation session at the National Parliament of Solomon Islands on 21 June.  

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