Provincial Governments and Service Delivery project modernizes monitoring and evaluation practice

June 2, 2024

Group photo of participants after receiving the tablets.

Photo: UNDP

Honiara, May 2024 – The Provincial Governments and Service Delivery Project (PGSD) aims to strengthen the capacity of provincial governments for better service delivery at provincial level. To achieve this objective, the project has provided provincial governments officers with electronic tablets to modernize monitoring and evaluation practices.

One of the main obstacles met by development partners in Solomon Islands is the capacity to collect high-quality data to designing, budgeting, planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating projects. However, the PGSD project, funded by the European Union and implemented by UNDP is addressing this obstacle by not only strengthening the monitoring and evaluation practice but also modernizing them with electronic tools.

The introduction of electronic tablets is poised to revolutionize how provincial governments officers monitor and evaluate activities implemented under the project. 

Provincial Government Officer taking a photo with the new tablet.

Photo: UNDP

Solomon Kalu, UNDP’s Inclusive Governance and Economic Growth Programme Specialist, expects, “more efficient monitoring activities but not only for this project, but for all the projects that the provincial governments will eventually implement.”

With these devices, officers can now perform real-time data collection and analysis, significantly enhancing the accuracy and timeliness of their reports, as demonstrated during a monitoring field mission they participated in as part of the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Training organized by the project.

Participants testing the tablets.

Photo: UNDP

As part of the hands-on training, participants visited two sites in East Guadalcanal,  providing a practical opportunity to utilize tablets in a real-world setting. This field visit enabled officers to demonstrate their newly acquired skills in online monitoring of activities, further solidifying their understanding and application of this modern M&E methodology.

Monitoring and Evaluation is a cornerstone of effective program and project management, providing stakeholders with critical insights into progress, impact, and areas for improvement. Recognizing the challenges posed by limited resources, technical capacity gaps, and complex methodologies, PGSD aims to bolster the M&E framework in Solomon Islands to ensure a more efficient and transparent project implementation.

By empowering provincial government officers to enhance their M&E capabilities, the PGSD project seeks to ultimately ensure that project activities are implemented and monitored to the highest standards, ultimately contributing to the realization of the National Development Strategy of the country and to the achievement of the sustainable development goals regarding improved service delivery for all communities.

Participants in the field collecting data of a project.

Photo: UNDP

The Provincial Governments and Service Delivery project (PGSD), implemented by UNDP and UNICEF in Solomon Islands and funded by the European Union, focuses on promoting inclusive, transparent, and accountable governance systems for sub-national service delivery. Through the PCDF mechanism, the project aims to disburse grants to improve health and education in the 9 provinces of Solomon Islands. The project also seeks to strengthen the government’s capacity at national and provincial level contributing to further develop the country´s decentralization process. 

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