Call for Proposals: The Luxembourg-Fiji Drua Innovation Small Grants Scheme

May 25, 2023

Photo: UNDP Ecosystems & Biodiversity

Suva, Fiji – The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in partnership with the Governments of Fiji and Luxembourg is inviting the private sector, community cooperatives, civil society organizations and individuals to apply for the Drua Innovation Small Grant Scheme which aims to support inclusive and resilient economic development in Fiji. This will be through the financing of activities that support the private sector and align with the sustainable financing objectives defined by Fiji’s Climate Change Act and National Climate Change Policy 2018-2030.

The scheme offers small grants of up to FJ$75,000 to support private sector and civil society organizations (CSOs) contribute directly to the market diversification, resilience building, and the internal business reform required to green our economy and minimize our exposure to climate change risks.

Grants will be awarded based on specific performance indicators and the merit of proposals received. This scheme will target proposals that demonstrate strong potential to be scaled-up and deliver tangible socio-economic and environmental benefits. In supporting the Fiji Government to implement this initiative, UNDP will be using its Innovation Challenge modality.

A report by the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) show alarming estimates that Small Island Developing States (SIDS) only receive about 1.7 percent of global climate finance.

UNDP’s Inclusive Growth Programme Deputy Team Leader Patrick Tuimalealiifano said, “Innovative initiatives such as the Drua Small Grant Scheme will unlock new development financing to diversify the economy and develop resilience towards the impact of climate change.”

Proposals eligible for support must consider and address two cross-cutting themes: 

  1. Addressing gender inequality issues that climate change may exacerbate - Proposals must align with the gender equity principles of the Climate Change Act. Proposals that deliver tangible benefits to women’s livelihoods through engagement with women’s collectives, support to women in business, scale up of empowerment and income generation diversification initiatives, and other activities that seek to support involvement of women in private sector-led climate risk management will be prioritized.
  2. Minimizing and Addressing Loss and Damage – The proposed activities must demonstrate awareness of current and future climate change impacts and risks and offer solutions that help to either minimize potential loss and damage or address unavoidable loss and damage due to climate change.

The Fiji Government’s Assistant Minister for the Office of the Prime Minister, Mr. Sakiusa Tubuna highlighted, “Our awareness of risk and change is not lacking across our sectors and communities. However, we need to evolve our tools and practices and services to ensure we can rise to the challenges we face.” 
“It’s our sincere hope that initiatives like the small grant opportunity can help to seed solutions and identify innovations that can be scaled and replicated for the benefit of our children and future generations,” Mr. Tubuna added. 

This initiative aims to disburse climate financing to non-government actors and challenge them to be part of the solutions, innovation, market transformation, and business unusual crucial to build resilience to climate and disaster risks. This grant window focuses on non-government actors – specifically the private sector – and initiatives that have a high potential to contribute to supporting livelihoods and transitioning Fiji's economy to a low carbon, climate resilient, and socially inclusive growth trajectory.

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