Four New Vehicles for Justice Stakeholders to Extend Justice Outreach

February 26, 2024

Group photo of the handover of vehicles under the Access to Justice project

Photo: UNDP

Honiara, Solomon Islands – “Access to justice is a human right but in the Solomon Islands it is a luxury due to the lack of resources by the government offices that support the judiciary system, the dispersed geographical nature of the country and the difficulties and prohibitive transport costs”, says George Gray, Public Solicitor of Solomon Islands, during the recent handover of four new vehicles to the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs (MJLA).

The initiative, under the Enhancing Access to Justice in Solomon Islands project; spearheaded by the UNDP and supported by the Australian Government, bridges gaps and ensures that justice is not merely a privilege but a tangible reality for all citizens.

The Public Solicitor also acknowledged the long-standing partnership with between UNDP and the Australian Government, in delivering access to justice for all. 

These new four vehicles, together with the other four ones previously provided to us for the Public Solicitor offices in Honiara, Kira Kira, Auki and Gizo, will greatly assist our lawyers and officers to better deliver access to justice for our people and communities,” said Public Solicitor Gray.

Also acknowledging this support, the acting Permanent Secretary from the MJLA, Joy Angi, added that “To remedy injustice, end impunity, and protect the rights of current and future generations, justice systems, services and institutions must be fair, accountable, accessible, and able to deliver quality justice services for all, especially the most marginalized, vulnerable and furthest behind. The handover of these vehicles is timely in assisting us when we are in need most, of helping to deliver justice services all over Solomon Islands as access to reliable transport is one of the biggest challenges we face.”

At the handover, Lindsay Buckingham, Minister Counsellor from the Australian High Commission in the Solomon Islands affirmed that, “Australia and Solomon Islands have been partners in the law and justice sector for over 30 years, working together to promote safety and security in the Solomon Islands. We understand how important access to justice is to all Solomon Islanders, and these vehicles will enable responsive and timely legal support to be delivered straight to communities.

Vehicles handed over to the Public Solicitor’s Offices, the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) and to the Legal Policy Unit (LPU).

Photo: UNDP

Nanise Saune-Qaloewai, Programme Manager for the UNDP, highlighted, “the need to ensure that justice is delivered effectively to everyone regardless of their locations. UNDP with generous support from Australia, has been a proud partner with the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs, Public Solicitor Office, Director of Public Prosecution, and the Legal Policy Unit ensuring all members of society, especially women, youth and people with disabilities from remote communities can access legal services. We are pleased to support these institutions to expand its legal outreach capability with the delivery of these four new vehicles.


The vehicles were strategically distributed as two vehicles to the Public Solicitor’s Offices (PSO) to be located in Western Province and Temotu Province, one vehicle to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) and one to Legal Policy Unit (LPU), both within the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs (MJLA) to support them to extend justice services to reach all citizens of Solomon Islands.


The ‘Enhancing Access to Justice in Solomon Islands’ project supports access to the formal justice sector in the Solomon Islands caused by a lack of physical access, lack of community awareness and due to the high costs borne by both individuals in accessing services and by government in supplying a sufficient quantity and quality of service delivery to all the provinces.


The lack of access particularly impacts vulnerable groups including people with disabilities, women and victims of violence in remote and rural areas who are the least able to vindicate their rights. Lack of access leads to disaffection with the justice system and inefficient use of resources spent on dealing with large problems rather than dealing with and preventing smaller problems at a local level. Access to justice is an integral element of any successful peacebuilding and long-term development process.


The project consists of three mutually enforcing components. First, the need to provide access to justice to communities that due to government resource constraints, remoteness or the cost of transport are not served by the formal justice system. Second, the need to enhance the reach, depth, service delivery and effectiveness of the lawyers of the PSO, the key demand side justice institution in the Solomon Islands. 


Finally, a prerequisite to meeting the above is the need to have strong sustainable direction in the PSO into the medium term.


With the support of the project, the PSO has made significant strides to ensure people have equal access to justice. With the help of Provincial Paralegals and Community Legal Advocates community awareness programmes, almost 25,000 Solomon Islanders have a better understanding of their rights and justice services available to them. 


The handover ceremony took place last week, Friday 23 February 2024. 


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