2024 Joint Elections Call Kicks Off with Style in Solomon Islands

February 27, 2024
Solomon Islands

The Joint Elections 2024 Electoral Walk through the streets of Honiara.

Photo: UNDP/Sue Naisara

Honiara, Solomon Islands - Solomon Islands is answering its democracy call with the country's electoral officials announcing the date for its upcoming Join Elections. 

17 April will see voters head to the polls, with the Solomon Islands Electoral Commission (SIEC) sounding the trumpet, kicking off a heart-pounding journey to election day with the Joint Elections 2024 Electoral Walk storming through the streets of Honiara, igniting the spirit of democracy from the City Council through Mendana Avenue to the Justice Field.

With representatives from the United Nations, as well as the Australian and New Zealand High Commissions in attendance, the walk saw eager students from five high schools, alongside members of the People with Disabilities Solomon Islands organization all participating with with anticipation and fervor.

Participants didn't just walk; they were treated to a firsthand glimpse into the heart of Solomon Islands’ democratic process with information about the upcoming elections and an invitation to take part in a mock polling exercises. 

The crowds also enjoyed the stirring performances by Solo Bwoy and Aunti Neymarlyn, increasing the energy and enthusiasm.

There is now a 56 days journey until the National General Election, Provincial Assembly, and Honiara City Council Elections, with eligible voters across the country being encouraged to exercise their democratic right come election day. 


The march was organized by the SIEC with support from UNDP’s Strengthening the Electoral Cycle in Solomon Islands project, supported by Australia and the European Union. 

SECSIP is a flagship project of UNDP in Solomon Islands, established in partnership with the Solomon Islands Government in 2013. 

Its primary goal is to bolster the sustainability and credibility of electoral processes through support to the SIEC. The project also contributes to strengthening the governance space by channeling effective support to advance women’s political representation in the country through the Women Candidate Program, striving to redefine the political narrative and narrow the gender gap in leadership roles.

For more information or media inquiries, please contact:
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