Catching the last wave with Volker Boege (PhD)

June 14, 2022

Dr. Volker Boege is Toda Peace Institute’s Senior Research Fellow for Climate Change and Conflict. He has worked extensively in the areas of peacebuilding and resilience in the Pacific region and he is also a Director of the Peace and Conflict Studies Institute in Australia.

Dr Boege is also an Honorary Research Fellow at the School of Political Science and International Studies at the University of Queensland and a Research Associate at the Bonn International Center for Conversion.

In the past, he has been, among other things, a research fellow at the Unit for the Study of Wars, Armaments and Development of the University of Hamburg, and a Research Officer with the parliamentary group of the Green Party in the German Parliament (Bundestag) as a peace and security policy advisor in the 1980s.

In this episode, the expertise and knowledge of Dr. Boege enlightened us on climate security, peacebuilding, resilience and climate action in the Pacific.