Catching the last wave with Mia Kami

October 27, 2022

Our guest for this episode of Catching the last wave is Mia Kami, Tongan singer, and songwriter currently teaching at the Tupou College Toloa in Tonga.

Mia is passionate about gender equality, indigenous sovereignty, climate change, and the Pacific region. She attended the University of the South Pacific (USP), where she majored in Law and Politics. 

Mia channels her passion into songwriting and uses her music to tell stories as a young Pacific woman. She believes that art is the strongest form of storytelling that connects Pacific and indigenous people to their ancestors and descendants 

In this episode, we will hear about climate security from her perspective as a young Pacific islander committed to advocating for climate justice. In particular we will learn more about how art, especially songwriting and storytelling, can help raise awareness on climate change and climate security. 

Check out her latest songs here.