Accelerator Lab in the Pacific

The Accelerator Labs represent UNDP’s new strategy and thinking in relation to development and advocating bolder innovation.

Traditional approaches to development are struggling to keep up with today’s social and environmental challenges, therefore, the Pacific Lab based in Fiji will try to address the following questions:

  • How do we better tackle complex and fast-moving “frontier challenges” in the region?
  • How do we find the most relevant solutions that work locally?
  • How do we learn more quickly about what works and what doesn’t?

Essentially the Lab moves innovation from the margins to the center of UNDP’s programming work.


Call for partners

The UNDP Pacific Accelerator Labs is calling for potential partnerships who seek to solve similar issues to that of the Lab. You can contact us via email:


Accelerator labs global

You can visit our global site here: Accelerator Labs global platform


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