Our flagship initiatives

Catalysing action for nature

Setting the course

Our flagship initiatives are the key programmes and vehicles that will enable us to mobilize partners and accelerate action toward achieving the ambitious targets agreed upon in the Global Biodiversity Framework by 2030.

UNDP brings the development agenda to biodiversity discourse, clearly articulating the roles of biodiversity and nature as part of global efforts to achieve sustainable development. This enables UNDP to engender increased public, business, and governmental support for biodiversity conservation, thereby broadening the support base and fomenting behavioural change on the part of stakeholders who are key to the systemic change that is necessary for achieving global biodiversity goals. 

UNDP, as a convener, is able to mobilize national and local government actors to communicate the value of biodiversity to ensure it is integrated in national and local development, as well as sectoral and fiscal planning processes and practices. 

Furthermore, UNDP, with its large country-level nature portfolio - combined with its existing set of global projects linked to country level work - can connect people on the ground to national, regional and global decision makers and influencers, in addition to fostering exchange and learning between communities, landscapes, and governments.