Japan SDGs Innovation Challenge SMART Solar Dryer Manual


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Japan SDGs Innovation Challenge SMART Solar Dryer Manual

February 13, 2023

This SMART solar dryer manual is a product of the collaboration between UNDP Malaysia Accelerator Lab with AGC Green-Tech and TONIBUNG to address food supply chain and disaster risk reduction through the Japan SDGs Innovation Challenge in 2021. The first edition of the SMART solar dryer prototype was developed for communal use in rural communities to partially replace conventional oven drying with solar drying. The SMART solar dryer is designed to reduce both energy consumption and food produce wastage with an overarching goal of streamlining the journey of agricultural products from partner communities to wider markets. The SMART solar dryer was built using local materials in Sabah Malaysia, and is easily dismantlable for ease of transportation in remote areas. It also utilises user-friendly technology that will improve air circulation and reduces fungus growth in traditional solar dryers.  Read more about the development of this prototype and its benefit here.

UNDP Malaysia Accelerator Lab will be working with the relevant partners on the second phase of this project for SMART Solar Dryer Prototype 2.0 in 2023 with additional fundings from the Japan Cabinet Office (CAO), in partnership with the UNDP Japan Unit and UNDP Accelerator Labs. The SDGs Innovation Challenge has been instrumental in identifying and co-creating solutions to address local development issues with the participation of the Japanese private sector.  More on the collaboration here: https://www.undp.org/acceleratorlabs/our-work/japan-sdgs-innovation-challenge 

For easy reading using the E-book version, click on this link: https://smartsolardryermanual.com/ 

Note: This is the updated version of the publication.

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