Business unusual in the face of COVID-19 for Malawi’s consultations on development goals

Posted May 6, 2020


Religious leaders in Malawi are also taking lead in the fight against COVID-19


To ensure that Malawi maintains progress on its national development priorities and Sustainable Development Goals, in the wake of COVID-19 crisis, the National Planning Commission (NPC), has temporarily resorted to electronic means of consulting Malawians on what they want the country’s long-term Vision to be.

 To avoid public meetings, the commission is making use of internet, mobile phones as well as radio phone in programmes to engage Malawians on the development plans for Malawi.

The Commission has introduced a Monkey Survey available on its website and shared publicly through e-mails and social media in which respondents answer a short questionnaire, taking less than five minutes. NPC is also making use of newspapers and radio station to ask for contributions and ideas from Malawians on Malawi’s next development vision.

The National Planning Commission in Malawi was established under the National Planning Commission Act of 2017, to identify Malawi’s social economic development priorities and formulate national vision and strategy for social and economic goals.

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