Democracy and Strong Institutions Malawi joined the rest of the SADC countries in successfully establishing a permanent and continuous National Registration and Identification System, that is aimed to transform service delivery in several sectors. The National Registration project is led by Malawi Government’s National Registration Bureau (NRB). UNDP assistance in the electoral processes aims at enabling credible and fully owned elections; increase awareness of the role of elections as part of a broader democratic governance framework and as a vital means to safeguard human rights, exercise choice and express opinions.

Access to justice remains a key governance challenge, particularly for rural women and children. UNDP in Malawi is working to provide a more cost-effective, efficient, and inclusive approach to increasing access to justice, through paralegal and mediation services-diverting cases from formal to informal justice systems; and especially for women, youth, persons with disabilities, marginalized groups, and displaced communities.   

Respect for Human Rights - In Malawi, UNDP is jointly working with other UN agencies in the promotion and protection of human rights of minority groups including women, youth, the elderly, people with disabilities, people living with albinism and others.

Peace and Social Cohesion - There can be no sustainable development without peace and social cohesion. UNDP Malawi is supporting an inclusive, gender sensitive National Peace Architecture and the establishment of District Peace Committees and Women and Youth Fora to advocate for a peaceful Malawi.