Global Policy Network

Global Policy Network

GPN is the engine for thought leadership, UNDP’s programmatic work and a vital delivery mechanism of our integration function.

GPN will be leveraged to quickly and ably respond to countries’ needs, linking UNDP’s expertise across country, regional and global teams.

The vision of UNDP’s Global Policy Network (GPN) is to become the cutting-edge provider of timely development advice; providing support to Country Offices and programme countries in an integrated and coherent manner— to instantly connect countries to the world of knowledge, resources and networks of best practice they need to achieve development breakthroughs.

The GPN draws on expertise globally to provide more effective responses to the complex development challenges countries face in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and responding to crisis in an integrated and coherent manner.


6 Signature Solutions

Building on the areas where UNDP has unparalleled thematic leadership, the solutions aim to: keep people out of poverty, strengthen governance, increase crisis prevention and recovery, promote nature-based solutions for development, close the energy gap and strengthen gender equality.

Communities of Practice  

The next generation of UNDP’s Communities of Practice (CoP) is a distributed network of thematic experts and practitioners who collaborate to define, recognize, and solve specific development challenges.  The new CoP will be structured along UNDP’s six Signature Solutions with the aim to connect knowledge workers through moderated discussions. This approach offers issues-based exchange of ideas to provide cutting edge thought leadership.  The platform will foster a strong substantive and collaborative engagement via the power of network to co-create timely solutions.

SDG Integration

We are providing integrated SDG policy solutions that have substantive, programmatic and technical development impact at country level in different development settings. Promoting integrated 'whole-of-government' and 'whole-of-society' responses to the issues that cannot be dealt with in isolation is vital for transformational change.

Top Talent

Through its SDG cadre of experts and comprehensive capacity maps, GPN invests and grows its global and local expertise to respond to country needs quickly and efficiently.

Capacity Mapping

One of the priorities for the GPN is to better map the competencies, experience and capacities of UNDP’s global workforce, in order to tap the skills needed to implement multidisciplinary solutions.  This will ensure UNDP’s ability to respond effectively to client demand for advisory and support services. The GPN is country-focused with the ability to pull resources from the entire UNDP network to provide the most effective response to a particular need,  leveraging what is available beyond the regional level.

Innovative Approaches, Risk Taking and Management

Be more nimble, innovative and enterprising – a thought leader that succeeds in taking and managing risks.

Knowledge and Learning to Drive Systematic Change

Building on our distributed network of knowledge nodes, vast on-the-ground experience, and recognized credibility as a neutral partner, GPN supports the rapid deployment of expertise, solutions and tools in support of the Global Goals.

Global Presence  

Building on our extensive network of country offices, and wide-ranging partnerships we are equipping GPN to better mobilize, connect and innovate through reinvigorated communities of practice.through reinvigorated communities of practice.

Breaking Silos

The GPN will leverage knowledge and expertise within UNDP in a joined-up manner and with integrated ways of working. It will operate through interconnected nodes that represent staff and teams connected through the GPN.

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