UNDP and EU’s support for the Justice Sector Reforms in Lesotho

 As part of the continual support to the Kingdom of Lesotho’s increased access of justice, the Judiciary sector with support from UNDP and European Union, is set to roll out the second phase to the implementation of the justice sector reforms.

Speaking during an operational planning meeting that brought together key stakeholders from the Judiciary, Ministry of Gender and UNDP,  The Registrar of the High Court, Adv Sekoai, expressed the judiciary’s commitment to the reforms journey and acknowledged the valued partnership with UNDP in supporting institutional strengthening that has led to positive impact on the quality of work of the judiciary.

She highlighted some of key milestones that the judiciary has managed to achieve through the support including, an improved case management system, development of a new strategic plan and the creation of an interactive website that will provide a platform for the judiciary to interact with the citizenry on its mandate.

In her remarks, the UNDP Deputy Resident Representative, Nessie Golakai-Gould acknowledged the Judiciary’s collaborative approach, progress and commitment that was demonstrated during the implementation of the first phase of the joint initiative.

“The Kingdom of Lesotho is now at a momentous moment with the transformative Omni-bus bill reaching Parliament, which sustains our hopes and deeper conviction of a new dawn for the judiciary and Lesotho. This important collaboration therefore emphasizes on the importance of a strong, independent, and transparent Judiciary that ensures effective democratic governance and justice to all,” said Ms. Golakai-Gould.

UNDP Lesotho is working in collaboration with the EU and other key partners, to ensure that there is an inclusive and accountable justice system, which is a critical component to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals.

The Support to Implementation of Justice Sector Reforms Project was conceptualized to contribute towards a lasting solution to the overall reform needs in Lesotho. with a specific focus on the justice sector, to ensure justice for all Basothos.