Driving Climate Action: Youth Voices and Visions from COP28

In the bustling corridors of COP28, held in a vivid tapestry of cultures and ideas in Dubai, the global call to action against climate change echoed louder than ever.

January 10, 2024
Cop 28 Youth

Among the throngs of delegates and activists, two powerful female voices emerged, Nomsa George and Reekelitsoe Molapo representing Lesotho made possible by UNDP Lesotho to the world, offering both inspiration and a blueprint for transformative change. 

Nomsa George, a formidable force and COP28 AFRIWOC-UNDP youth delegate from Lesotho, stood tall as a girl-led action on Climate Change advocacy champion. Her unwavering dedication to providing Climate education to girls and young women resonated with the urgency of building resilience against the impacts of a changing climate. For her, COP28 unveiled a powerful spectacle  presence of numerous youth among their country's negotiators. It was a testament to collective determination, igniting hope for a global solution to a pressing challenge. 

"For me," Nomsa reflected, "COP28 emphasized the growing urgency in responding to climate change and the crucial need for collaboration across governments, businesses, youth, and other stakeholders for a sustainable future." 

She emphasized the significance of individual actions complementing international policies. Nomsa firmly believes that everyone plays a pivotal role in crafting a greener, more sustainable future. Her hope stemmed from witnessing the burgeoning momentum behind renewable energy and nature-based solutions, envisioning a future where her country, Lesotho, thrives as a fully transitioned nation with a low-carbon economy and flourishing ecosystems. 

Reekelitsoe Molapo, an Environmental Activist, Youth Advocate, and Social Entrepreneur, shared a parallel sentiment. Her journey in COP28 was a profound learning experience, reaffirming the importance of climate governance and its influence on decision-making processes. "Understanding these systems empowers youth to drive systematic change," Reekelitsoe asserted. 

The experience in Dubai kindled within Reekelitsoe a renewed determination to redefine youth engagement in climate change decision-making. Her short-term plans echo a commitment to mentor the next generation of climate change activists and actionists, armed with knowledge to strategically influence change. 

The two young women’s unified message to future climate change advocates is clear: Familiarize yourself with the governing systems shaping the climate space, advocate for change strategically, and wield knowledge as a catalyst for transformation. 

As we depart from the echoes of COP28, Lesotho's dynamic representatives have not just witnessed history; they have vowed to shape it. Their voices, brimming with passion, education, and dedication, serve as a clarion call for a future where collective efforts and robust policies steer us toward a sustainable and  resilient world. In their wake, they leave an indelible mark, a testament to the power of informed, strategic, and youth-driven climate action. 

Cop 28 Youth